Temporary pRO client DL

DISCLAIMER: I cannot offer support (or any guarantee) as I am not an employee of Level UP! I am only providing my copy of pRO as is (it’s working 100% as of Feb. 19, 2015). I WILL NOT ENTERTAIN ANY CONNECTION PROBLEMS USING MY pRO CLIENT.


It’s been 11 years of pRO madness but some things just won’t last forever. #WalangForever /shot

DL link (all compressed in .7z format so you need to DL 7-zip.)

NOTE: This does not include the BGM folder to reduce size. Files downloaded from both links are interchangeable.

UPDATE: My Dropbox has temporarily suspended my account because of the huge traffic oops /heh. Just use the mirror links instead from MEGA.

If you cannot access the links above, that means I’ve hit the bandwidth limit. Nothing much I can do about that.


I’m going to upload a mirror.


someone found the official RO installer from LU!’s FTP


(not sure if this works)


If you want the BGM folder for nostalgia, here you go. Rename the folder to BGM when you’re done and put it on your RO directory.

While you’re DL’ing the pRO client and crying over your “investments” and screaming “pota mga GM”, here’s some fast facts you need to know about moving to iRO.

  • Yes, there will be a character/account transfer to pRO. Obviously, some items will not be carried over for balancing reasons/server data incompatibilities.
  • The list of what is allowed is yet to be decided by iRO staff so please do not ask me about these things because I have no idea.
  • Dual-clienting is okay to do in iRO but using that to do illegal things is not. You do not need a “special hexed client” for this. So do not ask about this in the forums, you will be eaten alive.
  • There will be a separate server for pRO immigrants. It will be using iRO Renewal settings. However feel free to try out their Classic server.  However I’m not yet sure if they will cater WoE schedules for pRO players.
  • The server hardware will be located in the US. Expect some ping/lag issues–sorry man, you gotta suck it up.
  • in USD po ang bayaran dito at wag nang tumangkilik ng mga php/rmt dyan kasi gigilitan ka ng buhay nila Oda at Campitor. Matutong gumamit ng VISA debit+Paypal para walang aberya. Saka malamang may patong yung mga seller dyan hahaha.
  • For further questions, I suggest to visit the Warpportal forums. Also get used to this new community you are going to need it. Libre magtanong, wag mahiya para walang angal pag naban kayo. 

For reference about buying Kafra Points in iRO:

how to pay for WP















See you folks in iRO and behave kayo ha?

Other useful links:


Magsasara na ang pRO hindi pa rin naibabahagi ang sekret beld 🙁

9 thoughts on “Temporary pRO client DL

  1. anon

    Hey thanks for making an alternative since I can’t download the links from the LU site here in the US. I’ve downloaded all the parts except for the second one since there’s a temporary error on MEGA’s side.

    Can’t wait to see my character in pRO since 2008 and transfer it to iRO so it wont die lol

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