Ragnarok Online Ringtones

Here are some SFX from the game for your ringtones. Not 100% complete but feel free to request at the comments section below or tweet @jombagqueen. Note there’s no guarantee that I’ll get your request done asap because it does take time to sift through 2000+ in-game sound effects and more than half of them are untranslated. I made my own edits, particularly the ones with the cast time SFX because it  sounds more complete that way.

Performer/Ensemble Skills:

Mr. Kim A Rich Man/Mental Sensing

Bragi’s Poem/Magic Strings

Eternal Chaos/Down Tempo

Assassin Cross of Sunset/Impressive Riff

Loki’s Veil/Classical Pluck

Invulnerable Siegfried/Acoustic Rhythm

Idun’s Apple/Song of Lutie

Fortune’s Kiss/Lady Luck

Wand of Hermode/Hermode’s Rod

Into the Abyss/Power Chord

Don’t Forget Me/Slow Grace

Humming/Focus Ballet

Service For You/Gypsy’s Kiss

Ring of Nibelungen/Harmonic Lick

Moonlit Water Mill/Sheltering Bliss

Other Skills:

Battle Chant

Sound Effects:

4 thoughts on “Ragnarok Online Ringtones

  1. Thani-chan

    You know the little ding~ that sounds when you receive a pm with the popup chat window? The one that also sounds when you change maps. Used to have it but my computer died on me. Can you please PLEASE upload it? 😱

    1. Chorvaqueen Post author

      Hello, I missed this comment but I need to reply to these for once and for all.

      I can’t update the list right now coz this post is bugged (it crashes the post editor once I save).

      I don’t have the extracted files on this laptop right now, but I’ll get my PC fixed this weekend so hopefully I’ll be able to make a new post with some requests uploaded.

  2. Chorvaqueen Post author

    Okay before anyone leaving a comment to request please read this comment.

    This post is currently bugged right now, I can’t update this without getting an error. (I’m not sure what’s the cause but it happens whenever I try to link a lot of things)

    I tried updating this in the past and I got locked out from my server coz they thought I was executing malicious scripts/or sending an abnormal amount of requests. Had to contact support to clear my site.

    Anyway, I don’t have the extracted .wav files right now on this laptop I’m using since my PC is broken.

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