The chase is back! Grand Chase M for Android

As of this post, there doesn’t seem to be an iOS version at the moment. Not to be confused with this iOS version of Grand Chase.

I remember Grand Chase Philippines (GCPH) closing down last year. Turns out the game closure was on a bigger scale with other servers following suit (NAGC/BRGC/GCKR). Apparently, KOG (GC developer) has stopped game development and they rather take the whole franchise down. Or so I thought?

Well, today I found a screenshot from my FB newsfeed. The game seems to be back on a mobile platform (currently on Android devices only) just yesterday (April 24).  The game is free to play, supported by in-app purchases. I immediately downloaded the app, it’s around 46Mb but prepare an additional 170Mb~ free space for downloading the patches. You will also need a device with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher.

[Download the game here]

While the game is reusing existing game assets like models, illustration and music from the PC game, the gameplay is completely different.

Your heroes seem to move on their own unless you tap certain action buttons. There’s a cooldown to deter you from spamming skills. Also there is no manual enemy targeting in this game, it’s all AI. Some skills specifically target an enemy with the lowest HP. Casting a healing spell seem to target an ally with the lowest HP.

You also have access to special skills from time to time. When activated, it will show a different camera shot and animation.

This game is free right? What’s catch?

Dungeon raids costs SP (idk what it stands for in this game). Points? Think of Candy Crush or Tetris Battle energy points.

Goodbye life.

While 3 SP may seem cheap, you might soon find yourself desperate for them as there are more things to do such as clearing the same dungeon 5 times to receive a reward.And you’ll have to do that to each map. Have fun.There is daily reward system like the previous PC version but this time it doesn’t require you to be online for at least 70 minutes.

Like the original PC game, quests are a huge part of the game and clearing them will give useful rewards.

Elesis, Lire and Arme—where are the other characters? I want to play my emo assassin Lass already!

Well, unfortunately you will have to wait for that. As of this writing, the only way to get a new character is to “draw a hero”. Currently there is a timed “free hero draw”  every 3 days. Of course you can pay for gems using real money to draw more heroes. With my free draw, I got Lin/Rin.

Hoping to draw Mari so I can finally ditch my Elesis.

Why am I getting goblin friends…party members, heroes? WTF?

Now here’s the interesting part. It seems you can recruit other characters in your party after a dungeon run.So if you’re lacking the familiar Grand Chase heroes, you can have these mobs fill in for you and things get more interesting from here–

Grow? Feed? Wait what?

You can feed your heroes to another hero. Sounds gross right? It’s an easier way of boosting your current hero’s level provided you have enough heroes to spare. I haven’t tried feeding a GC character with another character but it seems possible. Feeding your hero boosts their level and stats. The higher your feed, the better you’ll gain. Well, time to pick favourites now.

Enough talk. I’m about to throw my money at this game, so what can I buy with real cash?

It seems you can’t buy actual items directly with real money here. However gems and gold (in game currency) are available via the cash shop. Gems are used to buy draws and potions. Gold is used for upgrading skills, crafting, feeding heroes…etc.You can buy draws for heroes, equipment, and cards.

Other thoughts things:

There is a global chat and sometimes it can be annoying because they appear during battles. There seems to be no solid way of muting the chat so for now just move to a different channel where there’s no one else. There are 1000 channels so it shouldn’t be hard getting away from the busy global chat.

[peenoise intensifies] (You’ll find the huehues too.)

The game is very pretty, I’m thankful they decided to use the updated game models. One thing that bothers me however, the facial animations weren’t carried over so enjoy looking at the characters with dead expressions. The game can get incredibly grindy because it’s heavily dictated by the quests. It may get a bit boring because some rewards are achieved by repeatedly running through the same map.

Another small nitpick with the game: I wish the background music changes when you enter a dungeon. It’s the same with the world map, which is kinda boring.

One thing I’ll miss with the game is the avatar customization. You can’t dress up your character with cute things anymore. Hey at least you’re spared from wearing horrid equipment combinations like a Pegasus set + Kazeaaze set and that’s good right?

[Download the game here]

9 thoughts on “The chase is back! Grand Chase M for Android

  1. Bayu

    But, the game seems to be region locked. I am indonesian, and cant update any further. Any solutions or such? That should be appreciate.

    1. Chorvaqueen Post author

      That is very strange, I could still see Indonesian players recently. However the game did update recently maybe it’s causing an error to your client. I really have no news about region locks for GC sorry. Have you tried reinstalling the game?

  2. Sparkfrost

    Great to see you Chorvaqueen 🙂

    For those areas that are region blocked, the players were able to download apk filed to install the game. I won’t be posting any links here as there are also modded versions of the apk and I’m not really sure which is which. For further information, I would suggest you follow Keannette Basilio (aka KiraYamato/KiraGC/Arcgain), a prominent persona in GCPH via Facebook.

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