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Hrist Valkyrie

>Moe Hrist. Forgive me Odin for I have sinned.

It’s been a while since I posted something on this site. But really I’m just busy with things plus roughly a month ago I broke my PC and it’s taking a while for the repairs to arrive. So right now I’m stuck with a laptop (my brother’s) just to get by things. Unfortunately I can’t really do the same things I used to do on this laptop (read: not powerful enough). Also my Vocaloids are stuck on that PC and I don’t feel temporarily installing them on this laptop and that really pains me. Sonika and Tonio’s birthday’s next month and I gotta do something. (I also need to do something for Miriam’s birthday). I bought this domain, don’t ask me why.

What’s worse, the first laptop I got was full of malware thanks to my brothers installing random shit on it. (toolbars, autoclickers, and cheat programs) One day I just can’t stand having to manually disable them every time I use the laptop so I decided to remove them. Unfortunately something went wrong and a lot of important registry keys were wiped out, rendering the laptop completely unusable. (Imagine being able to boot a laptop yet nothing works, not even the right click or the start menu). I somehow fixed the laptop but I faced another problem–the tablet driver refuses┬áto work. (Still doesn’t work as of today so I’m just using the other laptop but I can’t keep it for that long).

In other news, my mother arrived from overseas and stayed here for two weeks. During that time we spent a 3-day vacation at a beach. I would definitely love to go back there next summer. Snorkeling at the shallow coral reef was amazing but I’m still a bit scared to go full diving.

Right now I’m mostly sleeping coz I barely function well in this Philippine summer heat but I think the rainy season’s already here so that’s good.

Finally, I should totally draw more non-Vocaloid things.

(btw, I really prefer the concept art version of Hrist. ;_;)



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