September art post

chorvaqueen utau

It’s been a slow month I guess.


vocaloid leon genderbend by chorvaqueen

I took this joke way seriously.

vocaloid tonio by chorvaqueen

Ridiculously-bishounen Tonio, Y/N?

(used as a tweet pic here)

vocaloid tonio chibi cosplays by chorvaqueen

Your daily Tonios.

vocaloid chibi laminated anime straps by chorvaqueen

Welcome to strap hell. I also found my old straps while cleaning my room (mostly the non-vocaloid ones)

Thinking of selling some but no set date when or how, I’ll let everyone know for those interested.

Plus I’m thinking of making a monthly periodical e-magazine of my stuff. Thinking of putting¬†short comics,¬†small tutorials and a bunch of freebies. I’ll see what I can do.

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