Wake Me Up When September Ends – VOCALOID1 Cover

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All I can say is I don’t think I’ll be making another PV soon jesus christ. It was already frustrating editing this blindly because the preview is incredibly sluggish and unwatchable. I was scared for a moment I might miss the timing with the subs or effects. I relied heavily on my ears with the song to map my keyframes. I tried my best, forgive me. You can literally see the parts where I’ve screwed up coz I couldn’t tell what’s going on.

To finish this PV I had to render two parts of the video using two different laptops then put it together again. Each part took me 2 hours to render, I bet if I outright rendered the thing it might take me 4 or 5. But actually I can’t really do that since I’ve learned the hard way–it crashes halfway no matter what if I keep rendering for that long (unless I get lucky and I’ll mention that in a bit). I wanted to add more effects but I’m afraid it will take more than a day to render lol.

The laptops I’m using were advertised for gaming and quite frankly one of them is actually a tad more powerful than my broken PC if I were to list down the specs. They might be good but they really suck in the creative department. If you wanna know how bad it is, MMD lags on this but I can play my games fine. Plus I can’t really draw anything with a lot of layers at A4 resolution.

I honestly don’t understand why it takes 2 hours to render a video this short. It only takes barely 30 minutes with my PC to render something with a lot of effects.

Fun fact, I’ve been trying to render this shit since 8pm last night and it’s 4:04pm now as of this post. (I actually left the thing to render overnight only to realize it crashed halfway)

I got a successful render last night only to realize the other laptop didn’t have the font I was using so it defaulted to Arial and screwed up the entire layout.

But if there’s something good I got from this ordeal, ¬†it’s learning a few more tricks with editing and maybe having a longer patience with rendering stuff.


Gonna update this post in a bit with the VSQ+bonus file DL links. I’m still on the other laptop so I don’t have all the files with me.¬†updated now

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