Tonio – Last Christmas (Cascada Remix)

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Funny (and sad) story about this, I immediately started covering this song right after my previous Bruno and Clara video. The very next day, Yamaha announced their plans to terminate the V2 import tool by March 2016.

Would this perhaps be Tonio’s last Christmas? [UGLY SOBBING]

I made a short post about a workaround with the V2 import tool here and some information:

Originally, I was going for a “cute” approach for this PV but I decided to just draw whatever I feel halfway the production–also threw in some little attempt of humour.

This is not my first time incorporating MMD and 2D animation for a PV, but it’s always good keep trying. I made my own 3d models since I couldn’t be bothered digging through deviantArt’s shitty search engine.

MMD simple flat heart modelMMD Martini Glass model

I’m putting them up on download:

I animated some of the scenes using Clip Studio (each frame was drawn there then compiled in the video editor).

Now that’s done, gotta prepare something for Leon and Lola’s birthday. (Also Prima, I need to use Prima soon)

Happy new year everyone!

Here’s the PV asset sheet if anyone is interested:

Vocaloid Tonio illustrations

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