Nico 2016 Vocaloid Anison Cover Festival

This is my entry.

(Youtube version has a slightly different mixing, I tried tweaking it)

A friend told me about this event a few days before so I rushed to pull a cover.

As for the lyrics, I combined NS Asterus and HazelTune’s modifications. I further tweaked the lyrics to be singable in the Vocaloid editor (hopefully they don’t mind). There are just some word combinations that make it difficult for Sonika to sing in the editor and I was running out of options.

Finally, I compared the Japanese TV size version lyrics to the full version accordingly which took me a while to do. The TV size had a lot of cuts and jumps everywhere.

Originally I was a little nervous joining coz I’m a foreigner and I’ll be submitting an English version instead so it might feel weird. I joined anyway coz it looked fun.


I attempted to emulate the show’s art style for this cover and followed a general 2000’s anime aesthetic.

On the day I was gonna make the video and upload this cover, I had to go outside first and when I came back, the laptop I’m using rebooted. I couldn’t find the saved file anywhere on the system but I was very sure I saved it before leaving.

I was panicking because it took me a while to draw the lineart and I won’t have enough time to finish if I were to redraw everything in one sitting. Thankfully I did a colour test the night before despite the lineart being unfinished. So I just worked from there and restored the art in time.

Fun fact: I wrote random crap on the paper sheets. For example: “More pretentious text here” and “My Yaoi fanfic”.

The festival:

Live stream link: (now concluded)

Participants submitted their works starting at 7PM JST and live stream began at 8PM JST featuring the submissions. There were more than 150 entries on NND

The festival’s a success.

Here is the entire mylist of entries.

I tuned in until 1am (2am JST) coz I couldn’t sleep haha. Some of the songs bring back so much nostalgia.

Special mention to this person who covered the Ghost Stories ED, I wasn’t expecting it all but I’m just so glad someone did.

Gonna list more favourites from the stream

I already love the original, same with this rendition.

Was pleasantly surprised to hear this song and Rana singing it was a nice touch.

Always favourite Yuyu Hakusho/ Also I like this arrange.

This was recently uploaded but I want to throw this in because I love the song. Now I wanna play this again on Taiko.

It seems I linked old songs, but I guess it reflects my age lol.


Overall, this was a very fun thing to do despite being rushed. Maybe next year I’ll join again.

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