Maximum Sinning @ 02.14.2016

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Okay before anything else, I never said I didn’t ship Tonio x Bruno at all. Well I do but not as much as my OTP of course lmao.

Been slowly working on this magnet cover for weeks now. Also first time using Bruno for English and oh boy I love suffering. I sometimes forget Bruno can’t say some things properly at all, particularly anything that starts with h-, the -ng/ng- phoneme, the letter v, and a sh- sound.

Hoping his English is decent enough for most people.

I would like to thank Jagus for allowing me to use her magnet-themed fanart. She even gave me the .PSD file so I can make a PV out of it. Actually, her fanart gave me an idea to start on a cover with Tonio and Bruno.

Making the PV wasn’t easy, faced a lot of errors and glitches along the way. I’ve lost count of the video renders I made. This laptop I’m using just can’t handle heavy effects.

There were some instances where the laptop screen would just turn black and reboot, or worse:

I know magnet has a handful of popular English translyrics but I primarily chose Razzy’s version because of some word choices. I’m sorry for being shallow but the words “sin” and “deep” won me over lol. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Threw in a bunch of talkloid bits as well since I noticed some covers had them so why not.

In all seriousness, I love magnet’s instrumental. I could listen to this all day.

For anyone expecting a Tonio x Leon cover, sure I’ll think about converting the vsqx for V1 (read: I love dying). But right now, I have other plans for my ship.

Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day everyone!



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