I finally did that redraw thing.

…and for once I’m not drawing anything singing robot-related, and it’s an actual OC oh my god the curse is gone haha no watch me draw Tonio right after this

In celebration of being finally free from drawing block, I’m offering this character as a free resource for RPG Maker.

Free RPG Maker actor portrait cat ear anime girl


General resource rules:

    • Editing is encouraged (recolouring, resizing, redrawing certain parts..etc), go nuts. However tracing over my illustrations/converting them to bases is forbidden,
    • Redistribution is not allowed. If you see my stuff outside RM forums or my website, it’s not authorised. Except…
    • If you made an edit, please contact me for redistribution.
    • Resource is only for non-commercial use.
    • Please credit Chorvaqueen or link Chorvaworld.com .
    • Not required, but it would be nice to know where my resources go. 

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