[Talkloid preview] Welcome Home

It’s been a year since my last full talkloid PV, I think it’s about time I introduce another. I’m such a fucking idiot to lose track of the dates so I rushed a trailer today.

Fun fact, I began making this talkloid even before Dex and Daina’s release. Actually the talkloid was almost done at that point but Zero-G decided to release D&D out of nowhere. So I had to accommodate some changes along the way. (If you’ve seen/heard the previews, the final talkloid might differ a lot).

Unfortunately, I’ll have to push back the release date again. Good news is, the PV will be definitely better than my previous talkloid.  Clip Studio Paint recently released an update that offers a streamlined way of animating layers so I’m taking this opportunity to upgrade some of the scenes.

Last time I tried a simple animation on Clip took me a while because the entire workflow is messy.

The current talkloid doesn’t have actual voices from Dex and Daina because I don’t own them. I could add some spoken lines with them if I can find someone to render for me. (Hopefully someone readily available coz I’m bound to ask for a few renders of the same line for tweaking.)

Additionally, as a thank you to my subscribers, I’ll be releasing the raw VSQs of this talkloid project when it’s done. I’m aware some people were requesting a tutorial on how I make talkloids but that’s not in my priority list right now. I may be able to do it but I need enough drive to produce a decent tutorial.

The reason why there’s no release date? I have some major real life stuff to deal with this year so I’m putting aside my hobbies. A little sacrifice but hopefully worth it. (It’s faster to make song covers with a simple PV vs animating and tuning talkloids). I’m scheduling some future uploads so my YouTube account won’t look dead.

What to expect when the full talkloid is out? Better art, sound, video and hopefully tuning.

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