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In this episode where Chorva tries to utau again (because I’m trying to be productive somehow)

Took me a while to set my locale properly so I can now properly use tama’s utau, 長月たまき/Nagatsuki Tamaki. I remember using the English vb with another one (Yong Qi I believe?) before for a short test but well I honestly don’t have any patience to use English utaus in general. Vocaloid spoiled me so bad.

I never used a VCV utau before so I’m kinda doing this blindly with the supplied .ust.

Currently using moresampler 0.5 and I immediately noticed Tamaki’s glitching on some samples, particularly 「- ま」 and its nearby variants.  It seems moresampler attempts to play the silence at the beginning so it produces a really loud and sharp static noise and it just cuts off from there. Shortening the silence fixes those for now. I’m no oto expert but if it works, it works for me.

I’m recently on a niki binge so it’s no surprise with the song choice lol.

also here’s the full sketch…sorry I’m not on my best mood lately to draw but I try

長月たまき utau, nagatsuki tamaki




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