Let me tell you a thing


Let me tell you a thing about Tonio. Man, I never saw this coming at all.

So there’s Tonio. Advertised as a professional virtual vocalist for Opera–great, cool yeah and that’s about it.

Frankly I mostly heard him on demos because I wasn’t exactly fond of how people used him back then. I hate to be blunt, but a good amount of Tonio things I found back then had really bad execution.

My usual nitpicks would be him singing too high, sounding too choppy because people didn’t bother to fix VSQs on him and of course the usual bad mixing.

So at most, he’s kinda unlistenable outside the demos that time. Plus, he wasn’t really popular to begin with so I kept seeing the same stuff on the internet.

Enter TIDEBREEZE’s channel.

TIDEBREEZEさん, wherever you are, I hope you’re doing well.

I found their channel when I clicked on a Sweet Ann cover of Dancing Queen and I saw more of their video.

lol v3xman

And so, I found a bunch of Ave Maria covers with Tonio and I’m suddenly more interested in him. But sadly, not to the point I’m actively looking him up every week because literally no one else was using him. I’m just like “Yeah he’s great, but he’s kinda just there :/”.

Besides that time, I was really obsessed with Leon. No really.

Quick story time! I really used to hate Leon when I first heard him. I can’t remember the exact song but I know I went like “oMG WTF IS THIS SHIT IT’S SO GRATING”. Because for some reason people love to kick him in the balls make him sing really high.

Until I found this cover.

He sounded so different from what I heard, he’s not grating to me at all. My entire reaction was “holy shit he sounds like a fucking dork I LOVE HIM” and the rest is history.

Then there’s also this.

I’m digging my own receipts. The Lezard comparison is another story.

Eventually I found this

Also, discovered Daifuku-P

Anyway this post isn’t about Leon lol–actually maybe a bit since he’s also responsible why I’m now a massive Tonio fangirl.

There’s a shitpost discussion thread about Tonio at VocaloidOtaku.net and to date it’s still my favourite thread. There’s this particular link that I used to ignore until I actually clicked it out of curiosity after reading the thread at least 10 times. For anyone interested, here’s the link.

That fic destroyed me

Now, I wasn’t really into shipping so this felt strange to me.

At first I thought it’s amusing to pair up Tonio and Leon and come up with headcanons to back it up. So I have this dorky loser getting paired up with a professional (part time alcoholic) grumpy opera singer headcanon.

It’s a joke ship, nothing more. (Right? Right?)

Well, it stopped being a joke ship and now I’m the joke.

Suddenly I’m obsessed at this pairing and I found myself drawing fanart of them but more importantly I’m was pouring more attention on Tonio.

I began drawing Tonio more frequently than ever and I’ve drawn him more than Leon.

But be clear, Leon is still my favourite Vocaloid because I really like his voice plus I prefer using the VOCALOID1 engine. Now if Tonio was on the V1 editor, I would love it more (but I rather not let Tonio’s quality suffer). Leon tops Tonio when it comes to my favourites–Bruno comes at third.

Anyway, I really enjoy projecting fun headcanons on Tonio. I like playing with the idea of Tonio being a serious character pitted against hilarious situations.

This post is longer than it should but that’s pretty much it.



One thought on “Let me tell you a thing

  1. Develixen

    I’m glad that I found another Tonio fan 😀 He became my favourite vocaloid since I found your YouTube channel.And then I saw your art and is AMAZING!I wish I could draw like you T.T
    You said you like headcanons? Well,is not much,but I think Tonio would be a really decent violin player.It seems like a instrument he would enjoy.Rumors say he is even better at playing when he’s drunk 😛
    ((sorry for gramatical mistakes if any,English is not my native language…duh what a lame excuse))

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