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I remember that time I went to our small town bookstore and I saw this girl (probably a few years younger than me) at the store’s corner. She was holding a bunch of books while browsing for more.

I noticed they were art books but one cover caught my attention fast–it was some hardbound how to draw manga book. Also noticed the girl was wearing a shirt with a familiar logo and it was the college comic book artists club. We exchanged short stares at one point and when she got the idea I was walking towards the art reference books section, she quickly clutched the How To Draw Manga book as if she’s making it clear the book is hers.

Maybe she thought I was interested in the book and perhaps was thinking I’m waiting for her to put it back on the shelf so I could buy it. Well, if that’s what she’s thinking I’ll be forever chuckling. I’m not even thinking of owning that book, because it was your typical run-of-the-mill How To Draw Manga books. It’s probably one of those stuff that Chris Hart keeps shitting out for a quick buck pandering to weeaboos.


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