[old] Importing VOCALOID2 voicebanks to the Tiny VOCALOID3 Editor

Old post, for archiving purposes only. Updated post is here.

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Basically, YAMAHA will terminate the Library Import tool service making it impossible to import VOCALOID2 library to VOCALOID3 or VOCALOID4 editors after March 2016 through their website.

For the uninitiated, should you wish to import your VOCALOID2 library to the VOCALOID3/4 editor, YAMAHA requires you to use their import tool and input your current VOCALOID2 library serial code on their website to receive an import serial code.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for the Tiny VOCALOID3 editor (default editor that comes with VOCALOID3 libraries if you don’t own the full editor).

But recently there’s a way to do this after YAMAHA released the VOCALOID2 to VOCALOID4 import tool. This is for the people who don’t own the full VOCALOID3 editor like me coz I’m poor or the VOCALOID4 editor. 

(it’s basically a functional VOCALOID3 import tool except without the full VOCALOID3 requirement, VOCALOID4 readily reads VOCALOID3 libraries–including the imported VOCALOID2 libraries for VOCALOID3).


So here’s how to do it.

#1 Download the VOCALOID2 library import tool.


#2 Just go through the usual process as stated in that page. Please remember to back up your import serial codes.


#3 …and that’s it. If you open the Tiny VOCALOID3 editor, you’ll see your VOCALOID2 libraries.

Now I have a VOCALOID2 library running on the Tiny VOCALOID3 editor. If I buy the full editor or VOCALOID4 in the future after March 2016, I’ll be able to use my VOCALOID2 products. (assuming I don’t change computers and hopefully the import serial codes will still work on their own if I should change systems)

So in theory…

If you don’t actually own a VOCALOID3 library, you could download a trial version of VOCALOID3  from YAMAHA’s VOCALOID website just to install the Tiny VOCALOID3 editor and import your VOCALOID2 libraries this way.

The Tiny V3 editor will not open if there’s a deactivated library/expired trial and nothing else but in theory if you have an activated VOCALOID2 library imported, it should still work.


But what happens after March 2016?

I honestly don’t know. Hopefully VOCALOID2 products wouldn’t be pulled out from stores yet. VOCALOID1 products were taken down from sale after Microsoft announced Windows XP’s support termination. I’m hoping VOCALOID2 products will be still on sale until 2020 (that’s when Microsoft plans to terminate Windows 7 support) or until they run out of serial codes to sell.

If it’s any consolation, I contacted Zero-G regarding the library import service termination and they said they will provide import serial codes if you can prove you legally own their VOCALOID2 products. Note, other companies (ex: PowerFX with Big Al and Sweet Ann) might have a different policy so please contact them accordingly.



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