[Talkloid] So Tonio Do You Like It Harder?

I know it’s been a while since I made a talkloid but putting that aside I was generally pleased on how this came out.

I tried improving the production values by adding background music, sound effects, and more details. Here’s a comparison to the previous talkloid from two years ago:

A bigger difference in this latest talkloid production involved the voice samples externally edited aside from the usual EQ and volume edits. This one had the voice samples stretched, pitched up, spliced across multiple samples and sped or slowed down. The previous one was directly from the editor with some EQ polishing.

Prima was a risky choice to use in a talkloid since I still find it difficult to use her in the editor. Truth to be told, her final voice was pitched up becauseĀ I thought she’s more understandable that way.

A trilogy could be a thing if I can finalise some ideas together but I already have some material.

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