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It’s my first published original song and what does that mean? I may do more in the future (is actually working on at least 3 originals already).

A little background about this song, it started as a short 30-second loop with me testing some VSTs (SQ8L and Synth1). I wanted to hear what it would sound like with some vocals on so I quickly slapped a vocal melody with some placeholder lyrics. Here’s the initial version.

I promise to never delete this even if at some point I’ll eventually think it sounds terrible. I want to set a milestone somehow.

While I’m not exactly very musically-inclined, it doesn’t hurt to get into the original song-making game as original songs featuring my favourite Vocaloids are hard to come by.

Thumbnail/Soundcloud illustration by Razzy.

Off vocal + VSQ pack:

The VSQ file does not come with the talkloid part as it’s impossible to plug and play due to heavy external editing. I encourage writing your own script

Alternate Tagalog version with an UTAU (for shits and giggles):

You won’t find these files anywhere, so I’ll know who’s actually visiting my site (yay I’m not alone!):

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