Temporary post for the month of May and onwards.


(I’m putting this up here for visibility then it will go the sideblog for archiving purposes)

I’ll be a bit busier from now on (when am I not saying this) but this time for real and I’m serious about it.

Don’t be alarmed if I suddenly stop uploading, don’t worry I’m not leaving the fandom although my online presence will be kept to a minimum (most likely on my personal facebook). I’ll post more details once I get some more info (still really uncertain about some stuff).

However, I may produce some more videos and just ration scheduled uploads. I’m thinking of putting up more short AviUtl tutorials (the basics) and put up my old SoundCloud material (early talkloids maybe?). Nothing much on covers as they take too much time to make.

Tonio anniversary event? Most likely can’t run one this year so please if possible, run one yourself or I’m hoping someone would (I’d love to hear about it!). Doesn’t matter if two people (or even more) would run their Tonio anniversary event then that’s better.

Although I have a mini anniversary event planned. Something that can be done with barely any supervision/management on my end. No promises if I can pull it off though but I’d love to if I could.

For anyone in the Philippines reading this, I am attending the Philippine Ragnarok Online relaunch event on May 7th.

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