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test (I’m putting this up here for visibility then it will go the sideblog for archiving purposes) — I’ll be

Beat Test Song

VocaDB Entry | Nico Upload | Soundcloud + MP3 DL It’s my first published original song and what does that mean? I may do

[Talkloid] So Tonio Do You Like It Harder?

I know it’s been a while since I made a talkloid but putting that aside I was generally pleased on how this came out. I

Tagalog Voltron Dub

Alam ko medyo matagal na yung reboot nung Voltron, nakita ko pa nga yung teaser dati pero nalimutan ko na. Naalala ko lang to

Sonika 7th Anniversary

NND | Soundcloud 

Tonio 6th Anniversary

NND | MP3 | remix off vocal – I also organised a Tonio illustration collab event and I’m thankful to everyone wh

[Throwback] Philippine Ragnarok Online Gamesmaster magazine features (April & August 2004)

Sorry, my scanner seems to be broken for now, so I took these with a potato. I’ll try to get a scan whenever I can.

Miriam 12th Anniversary

I mostly know this version because of Dance Dance Revolution. I wasn’t honestly expecting there would be an off vocal of

Leon and Lola purchase guide

Crosspost from my Vocaloid Amino blog Did you know you can still buy Leon and Lola despite them being retired? (disclaimer: th

Big Al – Viva La Vida

nico upload || MP3 DL I haven’t used Big Al for a while since I bought him last December so here’s my chance. Actu

Triangular Shards Brush for CLIP Studio Paint

Terms of use: For personal and commercial use. Redistribution is prohibited, please link to this post if you want to share the

Let me tell you a thing

  Let me tell you a thing about Tonio. Man, I never saw this coming at all. So there’s Tonio. Advertised as a profe

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