a post that’s actually not a test post!

I figured I should finally write something else now.

There's nothing really interesting about me at the moment lol but I guess I can write about some stuff I did last month.
10 months ago

this is another test post

intentionally written longer than the rest of my posts so I can test some plugins and layout settings.

Don’t mind me typing random things here ok.

I had some leftover chocolate cake this evening, it was good.

I can’t find my cat today.

10 months ago

what happens if i add a pic

somewhere in my post
I edited this already so the image won't show on preview anymore, specifically just for this post.
10 months ago

i kinda like this theme actually

I might actually stick to this one for good

I shouldn’t be tinkering my site at this hour because I’m sick but I’m strangely feeling productive

10 months ago

test post

well, isn’t that too unfortunate?

One day, my web host suspended the entire site because it was under a massive malware attack.

Now I have to start over again. I’ll see if I can restore some frequently-accessed pages but no promises though.


If you happen to be on my site right now and something is broken, don’t panic I’m probably tweaking something that didn’t go as planned.

I’m still in the early stage of rebuilding my site so you’ll see a lot of silly “test” posts and whatnot, don’t mind them.

10 months ago