Engloid song recommendations Vol. 1

Featuring some English Vocaloid songs with really catchy beats.

Sweet Ann

DL hi-res+transparent version.

[Chorva draws] Tonio

DL high resolution pic and wallpaper.

Maximum Sinning @ 02.14.2016

Other links: Nico upload  Illustration by 재구스  (deviantArt) Base midi by Neo@Yoshiki MP3 DL Standard version. –

Who thought this was okay.

Game website: http://www.bergsala-lightweight.com/us/hk_magicapron/index.html The Vocaloid singing in the songs is Avanna with


It’s been ages since I drew a fully coloured comic strip and it’s quite refreshing. This comic idea has been in my

Leon & Lola’s 12th Anniversary

Other links: LEON | MP3 LOLA | MP3 It’s that time of the year again. I’m just glad I was able to do something fo

Prima’s 8th Anniversary

Nico upload | MP3 Finally made something with Prima. I have her for more than a year yet it took me only now to seriously use

Nico 2016 Vocaloid Anison Cover Festival

This is my entry. (Youtube version has a slightly different mixing, I tried tweaking it) <a href=”http://www.

Tonio – Last Christmas (Cascada Remix)

nico upload | MP3 DL | MMD model DL Funny (and sad) story about this, I immediately started covering this song right after my

[updated] How to import VOCALOID2 libraries to VOCALOID3/4 after March 31, 2016

  For the original post, please click here. If you’re reading this post, you’re probably aware Yamaha has ter

Feliz cumpleaños Bruno y Clara (4to aniversario)

Nico upload | MP3 DL | VSQx DL