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What the fuck is Chorvaworld?

Chorvaworld is Chorvaqueen’s (that’s me) site.

No, what does Chorva mean?




Do I have to register to post comments?

No, but it would be convenient if you register so my filter won’t flag you often. I get a lot of spam, be warned.

Do you approve comments before it shows up?

Only if it hits the filter.

I will not forward your email to spambots unless you deserve it.


Why do hate weeaboos so much?

Because they are cultural bigots have do not know what respect means. You can try to be a cool person without sticking out like a complete retard.

This site is just awesome, how could I help?

That’s nice to know. You can help by telling about this site to your friends. There’s a Facebook Share button somewhere in this page, simply press it and click away. :D


I’m running on a dirt cheap $7.49/year hosting. Well, I need some measures to make this site sustainable.┬áBut if you want to help, donate.

I saw some of your pictures about Noynoying and shit like that. Are you getting paid to do this?

Definitely not, I do this for fun, money isn’t an issue when making these for the lulz.

Where can I send hatemail?

Please post in the comments section, with feelings.

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