vocaloid miriam

Today is Vocaloid Miriam’s 11th anniversary. To be honest, when I got in this fandom she was one of my least favourite English vocal but I’ve warmed up to her some time ago and now I do love her voice. I’m just glad she’s still getting some usage in this fandom. (‘w ‘ )

Still praying zero-g would consider Ms. Stockley’s tweet.


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Pose referenced from Marilyn Monroe’s iconic upskirt photo. I’ve been looking for an excuse to do this actually.

If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be in this fandom. If I didn’t discover you, I’ll probably be still a miserable weeaboo-hater wasting her life playing Ragnarok Online or some obscure PS2 games.

Now I’m just gay singing robot trash. It’s not that bad tho.

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