Guidelines for Passing the EMC Information Storage and Management Certification Exam Version 2

E10-001 exam preparation at

Testlive exam preparation for E10-001

The best candidates for the EMC E10-001 Information Storage and Management Exam Version 2 are those who understand the concepts related to information storage and management. A candidate’s knowledge must include aspects relating to classic, virtualized, and cloud environments. Additionally, each candidate should understand data center key elements, intelligent storage systems, and business continuity options. If a candidate is successful in passing the E10-001 exam, they will be given the EMC Proven Professioanl Information Storage Associate v2 (EMCISA) certification.

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Vocaloid Leon, Lola and Prima’s Birthday!

Vocaloid Leon Lola Prima

Leon and Lola turns 9, Prima turns 5! Here’s a fan art for them! :D

A Ragnarok Comic #38

oh wow I’m alive again!

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[Comic] When I Draw Porn…for Science!

Don’t ask what I drew today.

A Ragnarok Comic #37

argh. late D:

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[Music] Vocaloid SONiKA album: The Beautiful Stories

The Beautiful Stories, Ady S ft Vocaloid2 Sonika
and the best part, it’s free!
(I’ll probably make an in depth review some time)


Get it here. (scroll down the description to find the download link)


A Ragnarok Comic #36

well this is quite late… D:< double update on the works

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A Ragnarok Comic #35

And here’s another double update! Originally, I was planning to draw Nerissa’s face in the 3rd panel parodying the Overly-attached girlfriend face–but at the last minute, I thought it was over-the-top. But anyway, chapter 3 is almost there! I can’t say how many strips left but all I can say is chapter 2 is on its final arc!

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cohrva, wut r u doin, cohrva…staaaaaahp

not canon

not canon!

A Ragnarok Comic #34

Late update but I’m working on a double update now!

Anyway was planning to make her a GM uniform then I realized I drew her without sleeves earlier. Also, dat cake.

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