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Ah yes this song takes me back…

I personally love this UTAU original ever snce I found it on YouTube. It has this DDR-feel which I really love so much.

(If It isn’t obvious by now I love a good amount of DDR songs).

As for the illustration, since this song reminds me of early 2000’s I decided to draw Miriam in a very sharp and shiny style just like those Japanese visual novel games. I hope I did the style some justice lol.



Recently got across a new UTAU resampler and decided to give it a try. It seems to be ROCALOID retooled into an UTAU resampler.

Well unfortunately this resampler is still in beta(?) so it’s very prone to severe crashing.

If you’ve followed the site’s instructions

instructions from Kanru Hua’s website:

  • Try manually cleaning the cache;
  • Try setting output-sampling-rate to 44100 and output-bit-depth to 16;
  • Try turning on resampler-compatibility and use the default wavtool;
  • Try updating Moresampler;
  • If moresampler crashes, send a email containing a screenshot of the command line window along with your .ust & temp.bat files to the author.

…and it still doesn’t work

Check if you have done the following:

  • Clear your .ust file. Select all your notes, click Edit(E)>Region Property(R) and then choose clear.
  • Get rid of these.

UTAU resampler moresampler keeps crashing solution

 Anyway here’s a comparison:


It does get rid a lot of the background noise with the render. This UTAU was recorded with a phone during work and imagine the amount of bg noise. Will it salvage crappy UTAUs like this? Probably but don’t count on it too much. Also noticed the consonants are more defined and the overall vocal quality sounds thicker  (altho muddier) to me. I can hear some parts where it loops the samples (so take note for people with ridiculously short samples) and there are some parts where it sounds like some stretching is going on.

I used the resampler.dll because something went wrong when I tried using the default wavtool/resampler after moresampler. I’ll do some more checks later and see why this is happening.

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