Here are some SFX from the game for your ringtones. Not 100% complete but feel free to request at the comments section below or tweet @jombagqueen. Note there’s no guarantee that I’ll get your request done asap because it does take time to sift through 2000+ in-game sound effects and more than half of them are untranslated. I made my own edits, particularly the ones with the cast time SFX because it  sounds more complete that way.

Performer/Ensemble Skills:

Mr. Kim A Rich Man/Mental Sensing

Bragi’s Poem/Magic Strings

Eternal Chaos/Down Tempo

Assassin Cross of Sunset/Impressive Riff

Loki’s Veil/Classical Pluck

Invulnerable Siegfried/Acoustic Rhythm

Idun’s Apple/Song of Lutie

Fortune’s Kiss/Lady Luck

Wand of Hermode/Hermode’s Rod

Into the Abyss/Power Chord

Don’t Forget Me/Slow Grace

Humming/Focus Ballet

Service For You/Gypsy’s Kiss

Ring of Nibelungen/Harmonic Lick

Moonlit Water Mill/Sheltering Bliss

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DISCLAIMER: I cannot offer support (or any guarantee) as I am not an employee of Level UP! I am only providing my copy of pRO as is (it’s working 100% as of Feb. 19, 2015). I WILL NOT ENTERTAIN ANY CONNECTION PROBLEMS USING MY pRO CLIENT.


It’s been 11 years of pRO madness but some things just won’t last forever. #WalangForever /shot

DL link (all compressed in .7z format so you need to DL 7-zip.)

NOTE: This does not include the BGM folder to reduce size. Files downloaded from both links are interchangeable.

UPDATE: My Dropbox has temporarily suspended my account because of the huge traffic oops /heh. Just use the mirror links instead from MEGA.

If you cannot access the links above, that means I’ve hit the bandwidth limit. Nothing much I can do about that.


I’m going to upload a mirror.


someone found the official RO installer from LU!’s FTP

(not sure if this works)


If you want the BGM folder for nostalgia, here you go. Rename the folder to BGM when you’re done and put it on your RO directory.

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