All Star Miniloids

Some people have been asking if they can use the images for their avatars (or other things), yes feel free no need to ask me.
vocaloid leonvocaloid lolavocaloid miriammeiko2vocaloid sweet annvocaloid primavocaloid sonikaHiyama Kiyoteru / 氷山キヨテル chibivocaloid big alvocaloid toniovocaloid seeuvocaloid olivervocaloid brunovocaloid claravocaloid luo tianyivocaloid avannavocaloid yan hevocaloid yohioloidvocaloid maikaCyber DivaXin Hua / 心華Yuezheng Ling/乐正 绫xingchenlongyauni


  • NOTE: my PC broke so I don’t have access to the bigger versions. You may find reposts of them somewhere or you could wait for me to redraw them.
  • I started this project in late 2014 and damn I do need to redraw some. The difference in quality is jarring.
  • Want me to add (insert-vocaloid-here)? Vote here.


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