a post that’s actually not a test post!

I figured I should finally write something else now.

There’s nothing really interesting about me at the moment lol but I guess I can write about some stuff I did last month.

I played some Overwatch, it was fun but not really when you’re on 200-400+ms ping and constantly battling hardware lag. I’d say it’s a refreshing new title for Blizzard because whenever I think of that company, I just think of really nerdy stuff I can’t get into (read:Warcraft). Too bad I haven’t played Overwatch for a while after the anniversary event since Philippine Ragnarok online server’s comeback launch.

Ironically, I also stopped playing pRO right away because they blocked overseas access. I’m only logging my accounts (and my bf’s) for the daily rewards in hopes they’ll revoke the block though.

I’d love to play on iRO’s new server but Philippine registration is blocked. I want to keep playing in the Philippine RO server but my bf is blocked from playing with me at the moment so what’s the point.

So I’ve been trying to draw again, or at least pick up the stuff I left behind so that’s good I guess.

I’ve been under medication for a while, specifically a trial period. Hopefully it will improve my condition but I think I’m feeling better already.

I’m still a bit sick while writing this, the fever’s gone I think but I still feel weird in my head.

Lastly, have this really cool 80’s-inspired remix of Closer. I hate to sound cliched but I didn’t know this song’s title for a while but I found the original really annoying whenever I hear it being overplayed at convenience stores.

5 years ago