RO Log #1

This isn’t necessarily a daily log of me playing RO but I’ll try to update often.

Server: Ragnarok RE:START (iRO)
Character of the day: Merchant, 45/37.
BGM: Frontier Village Dali – Final Fantasy IX

I decided to move back to iRO after trying the recently-launched pRO server from their closed beta testing to open beta. Long story short, I wasn’t  happy with the recent decisions of pRO, like blocking overseas access. I got my boyfriend to play with me during closed beta and a few days into open beta but not for long when they swiftly implemented a block. I have other reasons for moving but I don’t think it’s necessary to write them here.

During pRO’s closed beta period, iRO teased a new server in the works and it was a Revo-Classic/progression server called Ragnarok RE:START. Server mechanics are apparently the same with pRO and thRO. Basically the game has Renewal mechanics and interface but with classic content like old maps and monster spawns for example.

Take this with a grain of salt however, some game features in iRO don’t match pRO.

Some notable differences I noticed:

  • RO:RE has some of iRO’s updated UI features like the real time map position indicator.
  • RO:RE has the RODEX mail system, pRO does not have any mail system.
  • RO:RE has a quest tracker and a monster kill counter.
  • RO:RE also has the achievements system.
  • RO:RE’s Prontera map is a bit messed up at the moment. Outside it looks fine but the rooms use the updated Prontera graphics.
  • Because of this, some NPCs are missing/incorrectly positioned.
  • Character creation in RO:RE allows you to have different genders in one account.
  • You can now freely distribute stat points when you create a Novice in RO:RE. They start with 1 point in all stats.
  • pRO seems to be using a really early version of the Renewal client, possibly the client update when Renewal was introduced.
  • pRO is lacking the monster HP bar.
  • There is no safe refine level in pRO at the moment. I broke an NPC Rod [3] at +2.

Unfortunately, iRO blocked new registrations from the Philippines due to publisher agreements but of course I found a way. 👀 plz dun ban me Camp.

Anyway, screenshot dump time!

I actually got there a week late but thankfully I was able to reserve some names.

I mean who would want to take Chorvaqueen? 

But this is my holy grail at the moment for obvious reasons. 👀

I think the achievements system is pretty cool but I heard it was abused for free gift boxes. Not a good impression WP.

I’ve been playing this game for more than a decade and I usually start with a Swordman class but this time I went for a Merchant. 

I levelled for a bit just so I can get my Overcharge and Discount levels maxed asap because I wanna make some quick zeny to fund my next characters.

Currently not doing much for now except for reselling meat in Payon. I’m also a bit busy now with some stuff so I just leave a vend on. 

W-what is she selling–? 

I’m hoping to add some RO fanart in future posts but we’ll see. 


4 years ago

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