work work work work

A bit disappointed we weren’t able to finish everything for Tonio and Sonika’s anniversary but that’s okay.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to produce something half-assed and cringe at it a year later because it’s bad.

Understandable, as we’re pretty swamped with other things at the moment.

I’ll just go ahead and dump a bunch of WIP pics from this project.

Making the stage:

To make the workload lighter, I exported the stage to a video after animating. I’ll simply place the other assets on it.


Drawing more assets, starting with Tonio.

Then to Sonika:

Some assembling process:

Completed asset example:

All of the Tonio sprites I’m currently using (or not).

Animating in AviUtl

Example animation done in AviUtl:

3 years ago