RO Log #2

Oh boy, second post!

Server: Ragnarok RE:START (iRO)
Character of the day: Merchant, 49/40.
BGM: 【Vocaloid Oliver V3】リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピューター【LesM4N6A Remix】

It’s been a week since my last post.

While restocking some meat to resell, I came across this player (I wasn’t able to get a screenshot of their character, what a shame).

Campitor is a cat, confirmed.

It seems they nerfed the drop rate because it took me a two grinding sessions to collect 200 scales. Also, RIP.

I’m not sure if I should max my Pushcart level, I’m pretty okay with it at level 9. (I’ll probably regret this once I advance into a Blacksmith). 

Finally got my Snake Head Hat, this should help make my grind sessions a bit faster. Now raising more zeny to afford another one. 

Sales have been a bit slower so I went ahead and grinded some extra stuff to sell. Pointed Scales sell well because archers need them for a quest skill. 

This thing could kill me in two hits. 

If I pot enough, I can take on Stem Worms.  It’s a good thing only one Stem Worm spawns on the map at a time(?). The EXP I get isn’t much but it’s sure satisfying taking down something that’s strong and aggressive. Someday, I’ll be able to take on the Brilight. 

I love being poor. Gonna hunt for a Condor card because I can’t afford a Mocking garment. 

and that concludes today’s session. Made around more than 600k zeny this week and the temptation to buy dumb-looking costumes is too strong. 

Also I did a sketch of my vendor:

I’ll show the finished pic on my next post! 

4 years ago


  1. yay! I haven’t read blogs in so long I miss it. I saw yours in your signature in the RO forums. I just started playing on Odin a few days ago. Looking forward to more of your adventures!

  2. It was really entertaining reading your Blog about RO, i see the enthusiasm and effort you put in each post you make.

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