RO Log #3

Server: Thor (pRO)
Character of the day: Acolyte, 20/8
BGM:  Running in the 90’s – Niko

Kinda running late with the posts oops but this one will be a bit different.

Some time ago, iRO went down after a series of DDoS attacks and Restart was very unstable and completely unplayable.

pRO was also hit with a DDoS attack but it was able to come back earlier than iRO.

And so because I need to satisfy that RO craving I patched my pRO install to play, this time on Thor because there’s less people there.

“Welcome Loki”

For context, Loki server was also down so some impatient people hopped to Thor server to satisfy their RO cravings as well. 

Anyway since there is no safe refinement level in pRO, I chose to sell off my free Phracons because I need some starting zeny.

Surprise, I chose an Acolyte because I want to be a bit self-reliant with the buffs.

I was in a rush to change classes so after talking to Father Yosuke I popped a Butterfly Wing thinking I’ll be dropped back to the Prontera church and BOI I was wrong. I forgot this is a feature of the Acolyte job quest to save your location near to your assigned ascetic after talking to them (war flashbacks with Father RubalksfsdafsdafsdagIcantspellhisname back in pRO f2p servers because teleport/flywings were disabled ).

…so out of frustration I tried expressing my piece of mind and 

Which reminds me, I feel like pRO is using some authorised variant of the iRO client because I saw this feedback post in the ROPH group.

Anyway finally became an Acolyte! 

It’s really nostalgic to see people camping near the Culverts spawn. 

I came across a group of players, apparently they were planning a party. 


before I continue my post from here, here’s an advisory:

This program is rated SPG: Strict Parental Guidance is needed. May contain sensitive themes: language, violence, sexual, horror or drugs that aren’t suitable for children.

(actually a direct awkward translation of SPG is Strict Guide and Guide because patnubay and gabay roughly mean the same thing )

Punknot: “I’m close
Chorvaking: “You two go to Sogo, don’t make a mess here.


Chorvaking: “@#*!? this one is yaoi

Some people were that bored. 

And suddenly some random asshat popped a few dead branches on us. 

For context, Tokhang is a colloquial term for the current anti-illegal drug operations of the Philippine government.

Chorvaking: “@#*?! my save point is still from Father Yosuke (‘s location)

What a way to end my short pRO comeback session. 

As promised from my previous post, I finished my merchant’s illustration!

3 years ago

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