RO Log #4

Server: Ragnarok RE:START (iRO)
Character of the day: Assassin, 54/13
BGM: 78 – Adios (Umbala Fields)

Well, it’s been a while since I posted something, my apologies.

A lot of things happened while I took a break from writing, it would be a shame if I wouldn’t post about them. Perhaps I’ll make some recap posts in the future.

Anyway I was doing my business in Ayothaya, getting some early skill points as a freshly-changed assassin when all of a sudden this happened.

I thought the Leaf Cat was upgraded to use Sanctuary instead of Heal all of a sudden.

A few seconds after that, there was a spam of Sanctuary fields underneath me. 

I moved away from the Sanctuary field and yelled something along like “wtf is this some prank lmao” the spam stopped. Must have been a hidden GM doing a bot check and thought I was one. 

Can’t blame them with my name choice too. 


Also, my trusty meat vendor is finally a Blacksmith but I’ll still continue vending meat. 

In my next post, I’ll probably feature my favourite farming setup using my hunter.  

3 years ago

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