RO Log #5

Server: Ragnarok RE:START (iRO)
Character of the day: Hunter, 67/23
BGM: 86 – Steel Me (Einbroch Town theme) / Urban ReConstruction remix by Re:Volte/Ravy

I may come off as a peculiar player to some because I usually open RO for an hour just to mindlessly farm and call it a day. Seeing all of those items pile up on the ground is oddly satisfying and therapeutic. I used to do this on the Wolf map (pay_fild02) but ever since discovering Ant Hell being more rewarding, I never looked back.

I actually can’t believe I gained 10+ levels since changing my job to a Hunter just farming on ants.


As promised, today’s log will feature my silly farming setup using my hunter.

My gear:

Items I invested on:

Galapago Card is the most important gear to get for this setup to work.

Eggyra is optional, you can just use the Honey pots you pick up from Vitatas. This greatly compliments my INT/DEX build.

Giant Hornet Card is more of a preference. I’m merely taking advantage of the insect mob density in Ant Hell. (Side note: I got mine when it was still expensive due to its rarity, now the card is very cheap. )

I found a cheap Myst Case-compounded Snake Head Hat some time ago so I bought it. However I have growing needs for Wind Arrows so I invested in a Giant Hornet Card.

Heavy Lifter Box is another luxury but a very good investment. You can bring an alt merchant with you instead just make sure they can survive getting mobbed by familiars (if you’re not looking while farming). Remember, you don’t exactly benefit from the full additional 2,000 weight capacity as you’re not allowed to craft arrows if you’re 50% overweight.

However, an additional 1,000 weight capacity is nice as archer classes have terrible weight limit modifiers (2000 + 700 if a Hunter class). Not the worst but consider they need arrows to attack so that eats precious loot space. I wouldn’t really invest STR just for extra weight capacity.

If you can afford lighter accessories, the better. Belts are heavy and you could hold more if you can drop the 120 weight. Otherwise, just go for belts as they’re inexpensive.

Then I arm myself with the following items:

  • Iron Arrow x 500 (initial)
  • Fly Wing x100 because I’m a bit impatient and I would rather sweep densely mobbed areas of the dungeon as quickly as possible.

If I ever need more arrows, I just craft from the Iron Ores and Phracons I pick up from Ant Eggs. Each piece gives 50 arrows. I also craft them right away to conserve space because they weigh 20 each and are dropped frequently.

Monster priority:

  • Vitata:     
    • I prioritise these over anything else. I target them right away to deny bots the kill and potential loot. They also frequently drop Honey which is very useful for farming.
  • Deniro:    
    • Boy, these critters are fast. If you’re picking up a lot of loot on the ground and a Deniro spawns, eliminate them right away. The game has a loot capacity limit. If a monster loots a certain amount of items, some items will be permanently lost to make room for more. I’ve lost a bunch of Royal Jellies this way from Deniros.
  • Pierre:     
    • Same reason as above but Pierres are slightly slower than Deniros.
  • Andre:     
    • Not much of a threat as they’re slow.
  • Familiar:    
    • Generally harmless but can be annoying if they mob and inflict Blind on you. They drop a bunch of useless loot frequently, use these to lure the ants together before you wipe them with Arrow Shower.
  • Ant Egg:   
    • These spawn in fixed spots. I farm off arrow crafting materials from them (Iron Ore, Phracon). Also useful for luring ants together.
  • Giearth:
    • I mostly don’t bother with these as they’re a waste of arrows and SP. Sleep traps are a bit annoying especially when I’m picking up loot. I also use them as lures if Familiars aren’t around. They’re also good for quick EXP if I’m close to levelling up.

Farming routine:

Rinse and repeat.

How I wish I have the Greed skill right now because this is a clicking nightmare. 

I’m suddenly reminded of Aragan’s comic about the loot settings from earlier days.

The encircled areas often get mobby so I often make rounds there.

I brought a merchant with me so I wouldn’t have to keep retreating to unload the loot. I parked my alt near the entrance. I also have an extra alt account for a warper since it’s a waste of flywings trying to get to Ant Hell from Morroc.

I logged the loot I got farming in Ant Hell for one hour and tabulated their worth.

You can find the spreadsheet here.


Total market value: 600,770 zeny*

Modified market value: 547,632 zeny (after removing some items for personal use)

*- I used Ragial’s average prices to arrive at this total.

If you’re interested in trying my setup, don’t forget to say hi if you see me at Ant Hell. 


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