RO Log #6

Server: Ragnarok: Idle Poring (Global)
Character of the day: Novice, 49/10
BGM: One Step Closer – Ragnarok Online: Eternal Guardians of Love version

Some time ago Warpportal began advertising a new Ragnarok-themed mobile game on their site and without a second thought I installed it.

Supposedly you don’t have to do anything (or much) on this game except to…idle. Well not quite, and I’ll explain further in this post.

I’m playing this game for roughly three weeks now. Got myself a Knight, a Wizard, and a Novice. Yes, just a Novice. 

I got a bit bored with my previous characters so I made a Novice to see how far can I go in this game without advancing to the next class. So far I’ve been stuck in map 54 for a few days as of this post since the boss could kill me in two hits. 

It will probably take me a few more days to finally beat it since I’ll have to rely on gaining new levels and gathering gems.

As a Novice, I don’t have skills to defend myself. I’m locked out from using a secondary weapon to boost my ATK.

Additionally, I can’t equip better weapons anymore as I’ve probably obtained the best I could from earlier maps. Succeeding maps drop weapons that a Novice can’t equip, including slotted ones.

From here I’ll have to rely on pure stats, gem enhancements, and bonus pet attributes.

There is a refinement system but it’s locked according to my level and starting from level 30, I’m required to beat some MVPs to obtain certain refinement materials. Problem is, MVP mode gets unlocked after clearing 60 maps and I’m stuck at 54.

There’s also no assurance if I can beat MVPs with just a Novice but we’ll see. 

Some tips:

Before accelerating, turn on all options on the item drop configuration. You’ll probably want to maximise the Smelting points you can get here since there is a chance to produce new equipment whenever you smelt something. The higher equipment tier you smelt, the more points you get.

When I’m done with my daily routine I would set my item configurations to only keep certain equipment rarity.

I prefer autoselling lower tier equipment because it will occupy too much space in my inventory yet I won’t get much Smelting points from it. Only do this if you’re gonna be away for hours like overnight.

It’s not exactly a pure idle game, you’ll have to do certain tasks if you want to make your character stronger.

Some things you can do in this game to boost your character’s power:

  • Refine equipment.
  • Challenge MVP monsters for stronger refinement materials and to unlock power-boosting artifacts.
  • Collect and combine gems.
  • Collect and raise pets for their bonus effects and attributes.
  • Send pets to expeditions for a chance to obtain items like gems and zeny.
  • Browse the market for items.
  • Enter PVP mode and challenge other players for Honor Points and ranking. PVP participants are awarded zeny and Honor Points depending on their rank every end of the week.
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