CLIP STUDIO 1.7.2 update

Version release date: December 15, 2017
Version number: 1.7.2
Installer size: 336 Mb (Windows)

New key features:

  • Autosave
  • New brushes
  • Quick Access window
  • Client launcher (fuck you CELSYS)

[update] I added an update the bottom part of this post.

I have shit internet lately (perks of living in a third world shithole lol), so I was having some reservations in downloading the update. But upon hearing it finally has an autosave feature, I left my laptop on to download the thing while asleep.

The new brushes are definitely nice, I exclusively used them on the illustration above. They have a crude feel which I think works well with certain aesthetics.

I frankly don’t remember the update process but it seems to have overwritten my older install of CLIP. It also automatically validated my licence key so that’s nice. I don’t have to rummage through my emails to find the code. If you’ve installed some third party brushes, they’ll be intact after the update.

However, my main beef with the update is the application seems to be laggier than ever! Especially when I’m using the new Design pencil brush under vector mode. CLIP STUDIO seems to freeze for a split second, which I’ll assume it’s trying to autosave? It’s probably automating the ctrl+S shortcut every specified intervals. When I’m doing a lot of stuff on a .CLIP illustration, it tends to lag a bit when I save and sometimes it would cause the thing to crash.

Before the Autosave feature was implemented, there was a very crude way of recovering .CLIP files and it’s not always 100% reliable. The method was going through Documents then to the CELSYS folder and typing “.CLIP” on the search bar to save me time browsing each folder.

I’d come across a bunch of .CLIP files with numbers as file names and from there, pray there’s enough layer information saved to be usable. In some extreme cases, I often end up with nothing.

Also, I have no idea why I have two folders under the Documents folder titled CELSYS and CELSYS_EN.

I think this is CLIP’s way of caching files and sometimes they don’t get deleted and they often go unnoticed. If you ever feel like there’s a lot of junk on your hard drive and you can’t find where it’s coming from, go check your CELSYS folder!

The Quick Access window feature, good concept but terrible implementation.

CLIP offers key customisation for certain commands and tools, very useful if you’re shifting from another graphics program. I mapped some basic keyboard functions from MyPaint and GIMP so I was able to get the hang of using CLIP right away. However, there are some functions that don’t have a convenient keyboard shortcut and must be accessed through menus. If you were using these commands regularly, it can be a bit tedious in the long run. This is the purpose of the new Quick Access window. Simply assign frequently used commands and they’ll be accessible with a single click from the window.

However, I think the QA window has terrible implementation because…

Red lines indicate where it will snap and dock.

It will keep snapping on nearby windows and get docked. This is a terrible setup for people with small screens or can’t afford dual screens. Preferably, I would want to see a bigger drawing area. Pressing TAB will minimise the side windows INCLUDING the QA tab. I thought it was permanently hovering over the application but I was wrong. I hope they give us an option to keep it persistent above the entire CLIP STUDIO interface because that would be really great.

Another thing I noticed, the text tool was greatly improved. I usually avoid using the text tool on CLIP because of how finicky it is. I’d just export the final image and put text using GIMP. I noticed the text tool has been lagging less and it’s easier to manage.


With this new update, I forgot to mention it now forces you to open a launcher if you want to access the actual drawing program. I didn’t notice it at first until the second time I opened it. The update removed the Start menu shortcut and you’re greeted with this window:

I tried opening CLIP’s .exe directly from the Program files folder and somehow the updated features didn’t work, that’s sly of you CELSYS.

Earlier updates of CLIP were shipped with a browser, that’s used for…browsing stuff. I guess no one really cared about it. But since CELSYS is pushing an assets store they wouldn’t want people ignoring their browser so now they’re forcing people to open the browser to access the actual drawing app.

That’s all I can write about CLIP for now, I’ll update this if I ever find a way to stop the QA window from auto-docking.

2 years ago