Sneaky Tom HD

It’s not 100% but I tried. Larger version can be downloaded below this post.

Tools used:

  • Clip Studio Paint Pro
  • GIMP 2.8

The process:

I googled the biggest version of this meme, probably wasn’t the best idea since it’s already upscaled.

I traced the screenshot with Clip’s vector layer mode.

Coloured Tom.

Using the same screenshot, I smudged it evenly across the the lineart as base background.

Then made another layer adding more solid details for the bg.

Added Tom back in the pic.

Some post-processing done in GIMP. Slapped a bunch of filters and colour adjustment to match an old screenshot look.

I have an anti-right click script on this site that doesn’t normally let anyone save images, so click this link instead to get the screenshot.



4 years ago