My 2017 Art Summary

It’s that time of the year again, I pick a favourite (or decent) piece for each month of the year.

It’s been quite a difficult year with me to be honest, probably less worse than 2016 but I feel I’m still not at my peak when it comes to art output.

My favourite piece for 2017 has to be from April.

An SD avatar of me as a Ragnarok Online character. While Crusaders are my favourite classes, it wasn’t available yet on the iRO RE:Start server by that time. I also developed a new colouring technique while drawing this.


And of course the obligatory Tonio edition:

Unfortunately skipped May and I have no idea how it happened.

Somehow my December entry was the easiest pick as an overall favourite.

I’ve been struggling to draw Tonio (lol), I want to nail that definitive Tonio image in my head. I couldn’t really decide what he should look like in my headcanons. While other people would draw him as close to his box art model, I prefer not to as weird as it sounds. Basically I only have a few defining features to go by: Hair parted to the left, some stubble, thick (angry) eyebrows, hazel eyes and the obligatory tuxedo.

Gonna have to say I’m not satisfied with the amount of Tonios I’ve drawn for this year, hopefully I’ll get better in 2018.

2 years ago