first post of 2018

Disclaimer: This post was written past 5am. Basically, I may have no idea what I’m writing anymore halfway this post.

Not really the best way to write my first post for the year 2018 but look I’m really uneasy and restless today and I can’t sleep.

I should be asleep waaaaaaaay earlier but I couldn’t sleep knowing my site is broken with a plugin conflict (I kinda resolved it just a few minutes before starting this post and boy I feel dumb wasting 5 hours trying to fix it and it didn’t help my internet connection was being uncooperative)

Normally I will be writing a list of stuff to do (or at least what I hope to do) for 2018 and b o i I will actually go ahead and write one. inb4 it’s the same stuff I wanted to do for 2017 but for reasons unknown I never got to do any

Okay so, let’s talk about…talkloids. If anyone reading this cares, I have a bunch of them on my YouTube channel. Making talkloids was my initial motivation to own the Vocaloid software way back in 2012-2013 (I only got my first Vocaloids at the end of 2013). Personally, I’m a bit disappointed with my talkloid output from my first upload. I was hoping I could get a series running or have more than 10+ uploads but I seem to stall this whenever the opportunity comes. So what’s for 2018?


No no, I’m not saying I’m done with making talkloids. That’s crazy, right after I wrote making talkloids was my initial motivation to own Vocaloid. I just want to put a closure to my current series (if you can call those a series). Not gonna lie,  the “So Tonio, Do You Like It [comparative-adjective-here]” series are just a bunch of dick jokes when you think about it. So yes, I want to put out the third and final talkloid of this series and hopefully make it worse than the first two without getting my YouTube account flagged.

This…y-yes of course this one. I haven’t forgotten. If anyone’s combing my site right now to find more info about this talkloid, I bring disappointment. The talkloid audio itself is done actually, literally just a few days before Dex and Daina’s release date waaaaaaay back in 2015. What? How?

Yes, it’s true. It was originally a DD-release-date-anticipation talkloid but stuff happened during November 2015 and suddenly I was just so burned out I refused to touch the entire talkloid project again. I was scripting and tuning the talkloid like mad and completed the entire sequence with bgm and sfx included in just roughly 3 days.

At some point, I decided to resume the project and retool the skit post-DD release date. Not much has changed except I planned to make it appear it was some sort of a flashback sequence (it’s probably the only way for the script to make sense past DD’s release date). By that time, I also planned to squeeze in a few words from Dex and Daina since they were already available. (While I don’t own them yet, I was planning to harass ask someone to help me render a few talkloid vocals). I originally wrote the script about Dex and Daina but with no spoken lines from them in mind. I somehow found a way to get away with this, honest.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t so happy with the current state of the audio when I was motivated to make the PV. I have no choice but to retune and do an improved mix of the entire talkloid audio.

Anyway, don’t worry. This talkloid will come out someday.

So what happens next after I finish these?

Good question. I still want to produce more talkloids but I believe it’s time to move on to newer themes. I have a few ideas and scripts in mind from the past year, I’ll just have to pick something that can work.

But before anything else, I would like to release something before I drop the final Tonio dick joke talkloid. I swear this one is actually wholesome.

Plans, projects, and looking ahead a bit more optimistic but incredibly nervous

This year is actually a bit tricky as the stuff I’m supposed to deal with has carried over from 2017 (technically from 2016 but eh…). It’s a bit difficult to disclose what these are on my blog or anywhere public, since it’s very personal. But I’ll gladly write about it once I’ve dealt with it, only because I’m sure it has finally happened. So what does that mean for my plans and projects? They’ll be still under a floating timeline for this year, whenever the opportunity comes, I’ll get on to it.

I’m contemplating on hosting a Tonio illustration collab for this year (I did one in 2016). However, for anyone reading this and interested in running their own, please, I encourage you to still go for it. The more events this guy gets, the better. Poor guy needs more love, not just the certain kind of loving from your favourite Spanish or British goofball or from a homicidal soprano y’kno.

I have at least two original songs nearing completion but I want to roll these out as something presentable and decent.

I’ll be rolling out more time lapse drawing vids, this is an quick example from 2017.

I also plan to revive my art accounts, long story on why I took them down but I’ll spare you the sob story for now…

I honestly felt a lot of stress and burden leave my body after closing/suspending most of my art accounts and that’s what matters for now. Self-care is nice.

This was a random doodle I did to calm myself earlier from being restless. It didn’t do much but I’m more than happy to have another dork in my doodle collection.


This was originally the thumbnail banner for this post  but I ended up drawing something more fitting.

Ironically this is probably my longest post on the site and you’ll have to thank some 5am magic for that.

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