Holiday Service! illustration process

my mind: “So Chorva, you have a bunch of pressing things to do for this week and I think you should do them-”

also my mind: “I wish I have enough zeny on Ragnarok RE:Start to afford some nice costumes”

me: “say no more”

[01/20/2018 edit] I won the contest! I’m one of the winners 


(and then I’ve been getting PMs from people wanting to buy the prize but sorry, I want them for myself that’s why I took a shot joining this contest 

I knew of this contest some time ago and I suddenly had the urge to join. I forgot that bit where they also give out a participation prize so here we go.

I couldn’t be assed to feature my RO characters since I haven’t worked on them ever since I started playing on RE:Start. I’m mostly on a bunch of vending alts trying to make some zeny (which clearly couldn’t keep up with the vicious inflation rate lol)

So I featured some Kafra girls instead!

What it looks like with a mockup (because I couldn’t print it this time)

The process:

I was thinking of featuring my RO characters but I immediately went against it.

Refined it a bit, decided which Kafra girls to feature.

I did the background first because I didn’t want to get lazy doing them after drawing the girls.

Lined the Kafra girls.

Just a general idea of how I want to block the colours for this piece.

Starting on the BG, with some base colours.


Now time to colour the Kafra girls. Added a slight smug(?) expression on Kafra Leilah (glasses Kafra) so it wouldn’t look odd and I think it fits her.

Some base colouring on them.

Some post-processing and I’m all done!


now in .gif form for anyone who doesn’t want to keep scrolling for comparison


4 years ago