Ragnarok Online Ringtones V2


I wasn’t able to update the previous incarnation of this post because of a stupid wordpress bug that breaks my site if I edit the post. Call me crazy but I think it was caused by the sheer amount of mediafire links in the post that somehow flags an anti-spam mechanism? lol. That wasn’t the first post that was doing this behaviour, I had a couple of un-editable posts because of this erratic behaviour.

Anyway enough babbling, you came here for the RO ringtones right? 

Last update: 04/25/2019

Text in blue means new addition

So we’ll do things a bit different, I won’t be linking to each file like I did before because I don’t want to trigger that bug again.

I’ll just link a one big folder of them here.

by class folders

I’m guessing you already know what you’re looking for as a ringtone so just scroll below for the complete list. I edited some sound effects because the full sound was actually split across 2-3 .wav files from the GRF. I also added some extra things like a loop of a Poring walking.

Feel free to request a sound effect from the game and I’ll see if I can find it.

  • Ancilla
  • Angelus (with cast)
  • Aspersio
  • Blessing
  • Cure
  • Heal
  • Gates of Hell
  • Gloria
  • Guillotine Fist (with cast)
  • Lex Aeterna
  • Magnificat
  • Magnus Exorcismus (with cast)
  • Magnus Exorcismus (without cast)
  • Status Recovery
  • Suffragium

  • Ankle Snare
  • Arrow Storm
  • Arrow Storm (with cast)
  • Blitz Beat
  • Detect
  • Flasher
  • Severe Rainstorm

Dancer/Bard Class Skills (kRO / iRO name):

  • Assassin Cross At Sunset / Impressive Riff
  • Bragi’s Poem / Magic Strings
  • Don’t Forget Me / Slow Grace
  • Drum of the Battlefield / Battle Theme
  • Eternal Chaos / Down Tempo
  • Fortune’s Kiss / Lady Luck
  • Humming / Focus Ballet
  • Idun’s Apple / Song of Lutie
  • Into the Abyss / Power Cord
  • Invulnerable Siegfried / Acoustic Rhythm
  • Loki’s Veil / Classical Pluck
  • Service For You / Gypsy’s Kiss
  • Moonlit Water Mill / Sheltering Bliss
  • Wand of Hermode / Hermode’s Rod

  • Ice Wall
  • Magic Rod
  • Storm Gust

  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Brew Fail
  • Brew Success
  • Refine Fail
  • Refine Success
  • Weapon Perfection

  • Battle Chant (Paladin skill)
  • HP Recovery
  • Provoke
  • Two-hand Quicken

  • Body Paint
  • Reproduce
  • Steal
  • Steal Coin

  • Celine Kimi (death)
  • Chat/PM “ding”
  • Deviruchi (stand/idle)
  • Drake (stand/idle)
  • Level Up!
  • Log in/Portal sound
  • Moscovia GUSLI
  • MVP
  • Picky (idle/walk)
  • Poring Attack
  • Poring Sequence (walking, attacking, then dying)
  • Poring Walk
  • Sohee (idle)
  • Spore Death
  • Wild Rose (attack)
  • Wild Rose (death)
  • Willow (death)
  • Wraith Dying Laugh
  • Yoyo (walk, looped)

Banner illustration credit: MONSTER GOGO
Sound Files © Ragnarok Online, Gravity, DTDS

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