RO Log #7

Server: Ragnarok RE:START (iRO)
Character of the day: Assassin, 70/28
BGM: 128 Splendide Dreams – RO Elemental Tunes / Michiko Naruke


I frankly never got any interest in those “free” headgear quests because usually they’ll implement difficult ones. Either I do the insanely grindy quest or pay 500 Silvervine fruit (around 5 USD). Although this one’s going to be an exception since I think (?) I can do it.

Introduced in the January 10 patch notes:



So off to the deep part of Byalan I go–

“Unhide if you want to die in 1 second”

Almost died-

Sword Fish’s Water Ball hits like a truck unless I have some water property armour–which I can’t afford.

Took a while to get those 350 kills but there’s another problem…

I need 50 Fins. These things have terrible drop rates.

(table graphic courtesy of iRO Wiki DB)

It’s not much of a secret that drop rates seem to have been gimped on RE:Start server (I had this impression when I was hunting for Snake Scales for a Snake Head Hat months before. Boas should drop these frequently but I feel like I’m getting them at like 30-40%)

Because I’m getting a bit impatient I went down another floor in the dungeon to hunt for Stroufs since they drop these a bit more frequently.

But it’s a bit more difficult because the aggressive monsters are stronger here so I have to move with a lot of caution. My strategy was to single out the Stroufs, attempt to steal something before killing them for an extra Fin drop. Seems this method was taking me longer because I was spending most of my time staying alive avoiding a lot of aggressives and I have yet to find a Strouf. Turns out…

(RE:Start is also Odin server for the uninitiated) [source]

Just to give you an idea…

Fin drop rate is just atrocious, look at the amount of Sharp Scales  I got vs the amount of Fins  I got (also I got a card but that’s probably just RNGesus working in mysterious ways).

Anyway, after grinding for the materials like a sweatshop worker I finally got everything.

The quest is repeatable but they impose a 24-hour cooldown for the quest. [audible groaning].

I’ve completed the quest twice but it’s always those goddamn Fins that make this quest longer. Gonna try for a third completion, I’m just not sure when they’ll remove this quest (there’s no end date on the patch notes) but I’m already burned out just right after the first week.


But for the meantime…

(from the iRO Wiki Headgear Ingredients page)

I’m going fishing again!

Card list:

  • Crab Card* – Inflict 30% more damage on Aster. Weapon card.
  • Aster Card* – Inflict 30% more damage on Shellfish. Weapon card.
  • Shellfish Card* – Inflict 30% more damage on Crab. Weapon card.
  • Sea Otter Card – Chance to drop Sushi  and Raw Fish . Sushi and Raw Fish heals 50% more. Accessory card.

*-set bonus:

  • +30% Damage on Water property monsters.
  • 30% chance of dropping Raw Fish when killing a Fish race monster.

I’m a huge fan of those “drop” cards so I actively stalk Ragial for these. Thankfully not many seems to bother with them so people are selling them at trash prices. (Please keep selling them at trash prices )

Once I’m strong enough, I’ll be farming at the Sea Otter map. 

Slightly related note:

I know I’ve been slacking off with the RO Log post updates (but with good reason, I think?). So the next RO Log posts might seem a bit weird and out of touch with the current server status. Expect some backlog.


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