[Buy guide] LEON and LOLA

This is a crosspost from Vocaloid Amino which was originally a crosspost from my earlier blog post that was deleted. Crosspostception!

Did you know you can still buy Leon and Lola despite them being retired?

(disclaimer: this info might change without further notice)

What do you need?

  • An email.
  • 70 dollars.
  • Prayers.
  • Some determination.


  1. Email Zero-G (info@zero-g.co.uk)
  2. Tell them you are still interested getting Leon or Lola.
  3. Pray (that they still have some serial codes for sale).
  4. Zero-G will tell you that they can no longer offer support for Vocaloid1 and there will be no guarantee that it will work on your system.
  5. If you’re fine with this, send them your Paypal address and they’ll send an invoice.
  6. Pay for it and wait for them to send a download link and the serial code.

Notes and tips.

You can’t obtain Miriam this way anymore because Zero-G ran out of serial codes to sell. She’s now impossible to buy unless you find a box somewhere. (If you’re really determined, there are still some listings on a bunch of Japanese stores but prepare to pay at full retail price–around 20,000 yen plus import fees)

Consider using offline activation once you get Leon or Lola to save on those activation tries. Just keep the activation text files somewhere safe.

Vocaloid 1 runs fine on Windows 7, 8 and 10 (thanks Razzy!)

3 months ago