[iRO RE:Start] St. Patrick’s Day Quest

Level requirement: 21 (no minors allowed )
Repeatable?: Yes. 1 hour cooldown.
Event Duration: 03/14/2018 – ????
Items you need:

Disclaimer: Might not be applicable to other servers holding their own St. Patrick’s Day Quest.

WARNING: Once you turn in the items, each brewmaster will cast Confusion/Chaos  status on you.


*- You can buy Bag of Grain here. (Umbala is probably the fastest. Kafra warp: Prontera > Morroc > Comodo > Umbala)

Start at south-west Prontera. Enter the pub. /navi prontera 48/67

Talk to Duffy to start the quest. He tells you to visit other town pubs.

He’ll ask you to taste test the booze from each pub. Of course, to make your life harder, you’ll have to provide the ingredients for them. Nothing is free. 

Talk to Prontera Brewmaster. He’ll ask for the following:

Receive 5  Poring Pretzels.

Go to Geffen pub next. /navi geffen 138/135

Talk to Geffen Brewmaster. She’ll ask for the following:

Receive 10  Poring Pretzels.

Go to Al de Baran pub next. /navi aldebaran 230/109

Talk to Al de Baran Brewmaster. He’ll ask for the following:

Receive 15  Poring Pretzels.

Quest is repeatable every 1 hour.

Go back to Duffy to exchange  Poring Pretzels for prizes.

Pub Crawl Souvenir is Costume: Beer Cap 

Apparently you can feed the sheep and there’s a slight chance you might get something. I haven’t tested it myself though.



4 years ago