Finally trying Live2D

I’ve been putting this off for more than 2 years now. I even drew something for it but I just ended up putting the project aside until some time ago.

I start off with preparing the image for Live2D aka I take out parts from the illustration.

I painstakingly extracted and redrew each part.

I frankly have no idea how to make a reference image in the Free edition because it only allows me to use one texture image so I winged it.

There’s just something in the interface that feels primitive and I constantly have some fears it could crash anytime.

After assembling the parts, there’s still no means to make the model move.

Live2D has a feature where you can copy an existing model’s configuration to your own model. Think of it as an template. It’s probably not the best way to configure a model but it’s good if you’re a wee bit excited to see your model move. Just don’t expect spectacular results though. 

I did slap the template and with some adjustments…


after a few tweaks…

Still quite not there, I can’t seem to get the eyes right. (and lol his shirt is broken)


2 years ago