RO Log #8

Server: Chaos-Renewal (iRO)
Character of the day: Blacksmith, 99/50
BGM: Footloose – Kenny Loggins (1984)

Unfortunately Restart server has become a sinking dumpster fire so I jumped back to Chaos-Renewal server. Pooled whatever resources I left there from my hiatus and started playing my characters again.

One of my favourite pastimes in RO is greeding at Orc Dungeon 2. Players park their Alchemists there to “AFK-level” their Homunculi and that leaves a lot of loot on the ground that no one picks up. I have two characters I use for looting at Orc Dungeon 2, have their pros and cons.

A level 99 Crusader + Heroic Backpack (enables Greed):


  • Can fend for itself using Magnum Break (AoE), take a lot of hits and heal.
  • Very mobile thanks to Peco riding, plus Peco gives +1000 weight.
  • Huge SP pool (if INT type)
  • Excellent natural HP recovery


  • Limited weight, no cart.
  • No innate Greed skill, will have to occupy garment slot for that.
  • My crusader does not necessarily have 99 STR, so that’s less extra weight capacity.
  • Heroic Backpack isn’t something a newbie can invest on.

A level 99 Blacksmith:


  • Huge weight limit. L10 Enlarge Weight Limit + Cart (8000 weight)
  • No qualms having 99 STR for extra weight capacity.
  • Innate Greed skill (unlocked with quest)


  • Can’t fend for itself when mobbed
  • Cart Revolution is not a very reliable AoE skill as it needs cart weight to actually hit hard.
  • Awful SP pool and recovery
  • Normal walk speed unless I have Increase AGI or Peco band on.

I pick my Blacksmith because of the large weight capacity despite the crippling cons that come with this class.

The biggest problem using a Blacksmith for greeding is the awful SP pool and recovery. So I’ve come up with a set of cheap gears to mitigate that.


Criatura Academy, Hat +5SP, +15HP
Cotton Shirt [100HP] [50SP]*
Moonlight Dagger, +10% MSP, gain 3 SP per physical attack.
Buckler [1], or you can use other cheap slotted shields.
Morpheus’s Shawl, +10% MSP
Vidar’s Boots, +9% MHP, +9%MSP
Morpheus’s Ring, INT+1, +5% MSP
Morpheus’s Bracelet, INT+1, +5% MSP

*-You can get this for free by doing the starter quests in Izlude as a Novice. (Look for Enchanter Mounds and Almond J.)


Willow Card, +80 SP (Headgear)
Roda Frog Card, +400 HP, +50 SP (Armour)
High Orc Card, Reflect 5% of physical attacks received (Shield)


Beelzebub Wing – 7-day rental consumable item, works like Fly Wing.


Erhm, I made this character a long time ago so this isn’t really recommended. If you have a dedicated Greed Blacksmith, I recommend setting their stats to have 99 STR and 99 INT. I’ll actually do that if a free reset pops up.

Setup explained:

These items are currently very cheap to obtain, just browse ragial for deals.

The point is to have a huge SP pool, SP recovery rate is second priority. Greed consumes 10 SP per use.

Moonlight Dagger is for emergency SP if you find yourself running low or you’re already past 50% weight capacity (stops natural HP/SP recovery). Go hit a plant or any monster for emergency SP.

The High Orc buckler acts like an extra attack to activate Moonlight Dagger if you get hit. Not exactly the ideal way to recover SP but at least you’ll still get something out of it if you ever get mobbed while looting. Doesn’t work against Orc Archers though.

The Beelzebub Wing (if you can afford it) is to free up the space Fly Wings will occupy if you stock up on them. Instead of carrying hundreds per session or wasting SP using teleport accessories, you’ll free up that space for more loot. Additionally, having an “unlimited” Fly Wing makes you very mobile around the map.

To get a Beelzebub Wing, exchange 5 Eden Merit Badges by talking to the Merry Badger NPC at Eden HQ.

You can easily farm Eden Merit Badges by doing the Geffen Bounty Board 61-100 quest. This is assuming you have a character within that level range who can quickly do turn ins. VIP status gives two badges per turn in.

Looting time!

I never run out of SP for Greed unless I hit 50% weight capacity. A huge difference from my gearless setup.

After one looting session:

In my case, I don’t outright sell these to NPC. Some loot have player resell value, just check ragial to gauge demand and prices.


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