Ragnarok’s Got Talent 2018 entry

This is going to be a long post full of pics so I hope you’re ready.

I went around Prontera (and looked up the old version of it) to have a good idea of what to make. Started with a sketch of how I want the mini diorama to look like.

I printed out the parts I sketched on an A4 sheet to calibrate the size.

I made the base from hardened hot melt glue poured in a silicone mould.

After getting the sizes right on my prototype, it’s time to make the assets for real.

It was tempting to extract the actual texture file in the game files but I don’t want to run into issues so I made my own from scratch.

Drew more assets.

Printing out the assets!

Putting aside the printouts to start working on the base.

I have a cheap hot melt glue gun so it doesn’t heat as much. I had to use an iron to level the top surface.

My first try had the settings too high so it instantly melted the surface.

Lesson learned, just use very low settings and carefully flatten the surface.

Back to my printed assets and it’s time to make the cutouts.

Making the floor:

Getting the floor right was a bit tricky since the mould doesn’t produce perfect shapes. There’s actually one side that’s slightly longer but it’s not that noticeable.

Now to hide the ugly sides with sticker.

I actually ran out of sticker (an oversight, lol) but thankfully I did two copies of the printouts.

My first printout failed because the laminate turned out bad but the part for the base’s side was salvageable so I used that.


Reinforcing the cutouts using cardboard.

I left the parts for the flag post, I still need to make the poles.

I also made the fences.

Attaching the fence:

Constructing the flag post.

Kinda wish I got some paper tape to wrap the post but I used ordinary paper instead.

Installing the flag post:

Adding the foliage at the back.

Originally I was looking for mini leaves that I can stick alongside the flowers but that might have been too much work.

I couldn’t find any so I bought yarn instead. I found 2 shades of green at the store.

Adding the “leaves” in.

Still here? Almost done

Attaching the cutouts:

Preparing for the shoot:


More shots:


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