Draw Log #1

This is going to be the first post of this kind on my blog where I just feature random artworks I drew. Instead of just dumping my works in a dedicated gallery, I want to try doing dedicated posts.

Mostly fanart doodles and in-progress works but I’ll state if it’s OC or a study.

While not an official design, I’ve grown to be fond of this since it’s very easy to draw.

Tonio’s Taiwanese design is absolutely a fun subject whenever I practice heavily stylised drawings…or maybe I’ve gone full masochism.

Some gesture doodling stuff. I actually have a ton of random .CLIP files just full of these. Might be an interesting project to compile a good amount of them in just one image. (12/05/2018 edit, I kinda did but not necessarily gesture stuff)

le funneh maymays ecks-dee


A study I did exploring Clip Studio’s watercolour brushes. I don’t usually use them because they lag so much on the old laptop I’m using but now I can.

I’ve been leaning on a hybrid painting style again, something that I heavily did in 2015.

Another example:

Side note: I really believe Yoh Yoshinari hates fanartists.

(12/05/2018 update, I had this post in my drafts for so long so I’ll just continue from here instead of making a new draft lol)

I have a ton of .CLIP files that never went beyond the sketch/doodling stage. Thought might be a good idea to clean them up a bit and compile them in one image. Maybe I’ll find the time and inspiration to finish them someday.


I found an old selfie and used the face part as ref.

Featured banner art:

“What if Tonio wore some casual clothing?” and maybe I have taken it a step further by having him wear normie weeb shit.


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