YAZZ Card Activation

I wanted a YAZZ card for myself so I went to an SM Business centre only to get disappointed they pulled out the cards. I’ve been told they were getting a new batch of cards with new packaging and there was no assurance of when it will be available.

Tried my luck getting one at the nearest Robinson’s mall and had a bit of problem registering it. I overheard something about the cards being a new batch and I never thought that would be a problem later on…

Got home and tried activating it only to get greeted with a scary “Invalid Number” error message on their site (yazzcard.com) and app. I emailed their support and I got a call next day giving me instructions on how to fix it.

TL;DR go to metrobankcard.com and pick Online Services from their drop down menu and register from there.


Scroll down a bit and find CARD ACTIVATION, click “For registered accounts”.

Scroll down a bit again and click “Register Now”.

You’ll land on a registration page with this little preface:

Explanation: Newer YAZZ cards seem to start with 409461 now and they don’t work on the current YAZZ card site or app. I called customer service and they just said to use metrobankcard.com at the moment.

Fill in your details and make sure it’s accurate to the information you’ve given to register your YAZZ card. Since YAZZ cards don’t have names on them, just write your full name in CAPS as instructed, it will work.

That should be it. You’ll be sent a confirmation email after submitting your details.

To view your card activity, go to your account dashboard and scroll down a bit until you see Statement of Account

New YAZZ cards get 50 Php credit on purchase. I added 200 Php more ‘coz I want to link this card to my Paypal account. I tried linking it a few hours before this post. It seems Paypal has already charged my card around 100 Php but it might take a few days for the transaction to reflect.

Their landline didn’t work but I think that’s more of our phone not able to make calls outside our province.

  • Landline: (02)737-3333
  • Mobile: 0918-909-3333 (SMART) / 0917-800-5751 (Globe)


3 years ago


  1. Hi Im trying to register my card online.. I followed your instructions but then I just keep on receiving an error messaged that I might have input an invalid data 🙁

    1. This post is almost 7 months ago. It’s highly possible they’ve moved the yazz card activation elsewhere or returned the functionality to yazzcard.com . I strongly suggest calling Metrobank CS if yazzcard.com doesn’t work.

      Just now I tried logging in my Yazz card account on Metrobank and I got a “You cannot transact using this facility. Click here to apply for a new credit card product.” message. Hm, highly possible they’ve moved my account to yazzcard.com. My internet is super bad right now to access anything so I can’t test this further at the moment.

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