2018 Art Summary

Here we go again with another year.

Seems like this year I focused more on colouring variations.

My favourite piece from this set is my fanart of Lawfer from Valkyrie Profile.

As I said on a previous post, I seriously think Yoh Yoshinari hates fanartists lol.

Got my hands on an official game concept book for Valkyrie Profile a long time ago. While it’s in fully Japanese, it had pictures of character concept art and that would be useful for fan art references.


And now the obligatory Tonio edition:

This time I managed to fill in all the slots for the year. Although they greatly vary in effort. There’s at least once entry in here that’s a concept sketch because I had nothing else worthy to put.

My favourite piece from this set has to be the mini Tonicorn from October. It was originally from a 2-piece badge design set.

I finished the classic version earlier this year and only got around to finish the Taiwanese design around October.

While I managed to fill in all slots for the Tonio edition, I personally think I lacked the motivation to draw more Tonio fanart.

Here’s to 2019 for me to do better!

3 years ago

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