Playing Overwatch on SMART 4G


TL;DR it works.

I’m away on a vacation as of this post and I thought of bringing my laptop with me. I don’t expect much of the “free” wi-fi to actually work so I opted for buying some mobile data.

Smartphones have a feature that enables it being a network hotspot. Just a small warning it drains a lot of battery.

I availed SMART’s GIGAGSURF 99 data package. It’s 2Gb data consumable across 7 days for 99 Pesos (almost 2USD). I think the only caveat is excess data doesn’t carry over to the next subscription (but I’m not too sure). SMART has an alternative data package that allows you to roll over unused data though but it has less consumable data.

2Gb is honestly not a lot of data but maybe for light casual mobile browsing it is.

And just going to put it here, I’ve been availing the data package in the past but was often frustrated on how slow it was.

Turns out my phone was trying to use data under the GSM/2G line and that’s a really outdated network.

If your smartphone has an option to stick to a particular network type (most likely!), force it to connect to 4G/LTE (or 3G minimum).

SMART has been advertising their LTE (4.5G) network but unfortunately it’s still unavailable in my area.

Connecting to online games shouldn’t take a lot of bandwidth. You mostly need a stable connection rather and in this post I decided to test that by playing a game of Overwatch.

I got 5 free lootboxes for logging in and I’m so glad I did.

Entering a quick game of Mystery Heroes…got in!

Just kidding, I got thrown in skirmish mode.

But it didn’t take long until I got in a game for real.

Although it’s doing that thing where players are still loading in-game but it’s not as bad when I’m playing using home DSL connection.

The game was on a constant 100-110ms latency which isn’t so bad in comparison to my home connection (200-300ms). I don’t remember experiencing lag spikes but maybe I just got lucky.

Although this game isn’t really good for my laptop health.

Game boot:

Post 5-minute Mystery Heroes game:

System temperature jumped almost 20 degrees in such a short time.


I’m surprised Overwatch works on a 4G connection and even better than my home connection. Although that might greatly vary from where you’re connecting. Maybe it will have nicer results if I connect somewhere in Manila. Maybe it’s even better in other countries *cough*.

However, I can’t justify paying for mobile data all the time unless their deals match a home connection price range. Perhaps this is good for a quick play if you’re on a vacation. 2Gb is not a lot of data and that can quickly run out if you’re not careful with browsing.

You’d definitely wouldn’t want to use this to patch games (lol DOTA2).

Anyway, here’s me vending overnight in Ragnarok Online over 4G that lasted for 13 hours straight. (was actually done before testing 4G on Overwatch).

Only reason I got disconnected was my phone having low battery. It shuts down mobile data when the battery level goes below 20%.

3 years ago

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