[iRO Renewal] 2019 Jumping Janeway

Jumping Janeway event is back on iRO.

For the uninitiated, this is a level up event to help fresh characters/players reach level 99 fast. Also an opportunity to quickly raise alts.

Want to play Ragnarok Online or coming back to start fresh?

The NPC is located at Izlude town, conveniently where you start as a Novice.

Simply talk to her to start the chain of levelling quests then she’ll conveniently warp you to a hunting map.

Every time you complete Janeway’s request, she’ll boost your level to a certain amount then she’ll give another set of requests until you hit level 99.

Additionally Janeway now accepts Transcendent classes, however there is a current issue on how she awards the EXP. Some players were not getting the correct Job levels when they hit level 99 Transcendent. (Max is 70 Job level)

More information here, which will be fixed on next maintenance (Jan. 31, 2019).

Here is the list of Janeway’s requests

Lv 1 to 1st Job Change

  • 5x Poring Lv 1 / HP: 60 / Water

Simply go outside of Izlude and walk around until you see a bunch of Porings.

Lv 10

  • 20x Zombie Lv 17 / HP: 234 / Undead
  • 20x Skeleton Lv 27 / HP: 612 / Undead

Familiars are aggressive and hit hard. Once you turn in this request, Janeway will also give you some starting Eden gear.

Lv 35

  • 50x Elder Willow Lv 34 / HP: 599 / Fire

Elder Willow can cast Fire Bolt and may hit hard on non-magic classes.

Lv 45

  • 50x Orc Warrior Lv 44 / HP: 1,434 / Earth
  • 25x Orc Lady Lv 45 / HP: 1,520 / Earth

Watch out for the occasional Orc Lord MVP spawn. The place is quite mobby as well, take caution. Collect Orcish Vouchers  along the way and sell it to players for extra zeny.

Lv 55

  • 100 Savage Lv 53 / HP: 2,301 / Earth

Savages are weak against fire, however they can detect spell casting and become aggressive.

Lv 70 to 99

  • 100 Kapha Lv 83 / HP: 5,470 / Water

It’s strongly recommended to form a party here and share kill counts since the spawn rate is a bit low and the map is quite spacious.

Additionally, a Kapha can take down an unprepared player with a Waterball.

Highly recommended to bring Wind-element weapons or utilise Wind-element spells.

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3 years ago