[AviUtl] Adv. Edit Window

So you’re doing a thing in AviUtl and it normally looks like this.

Then somehow you accidentally closed the Adv. Edit window and now you’re panicking because there doesn’t seem to be a convenient option to bring it back.

You click Window, because that’s definitely a menu that handles…windows.

…except no Adv. Edit in sight.

You save your work, restart AviUtl in hopes it will just come back but now you’re panicking harder because the Adv. Edit window isn’t showing up.

Here’s how to bring it back.

For the Extra Pack version (v1.14…etc)

This is an unofficial compilation of AviUtl that comes with an English translation and plugins. The interface is slightly different from a vanilla (v1.00) version.

Click Filter+, scroll down a bit until you see Advanced Editing…

For version 1.00:

Click Settings, until you see Advanced Editing…

“I have a version that doesn’t have an Adv. Edit window and it looks nothing like the pics posted above.”

It’s likely you’ve downloaded a super vanilla version of AviUtl and it doesn’t really come with the Adv. Edit window.

Please download either the Extra Pack or the basic English version. It will save you from a lot of frustration in the long run.

Videohelp hosts both versions.

If you’re interested. I have a video playlist for AviUtl tutorials.

Please don’t repost this tutorial, thank you.

5 years ago


  1. I lost my window and am a bit afraid of picking every option in advancing editing. I have no idea where it went ;-;

  2. Hey, for some reason the window that opens when you click on text/image/video etc dissapeared and it won’t reopen. I tried resetting my window positioning and reopening utl and nothing worked

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